Saturday, March 8, 2014

Free The Web and The World

          The web, it's the source of the human race information highway. we the people use for everything, from media,academic,sharing and just for fun. we as human, no matter from any walks of life want to connect or link to like minded people. but their an issue with the web that we take for granted in our life. yes the web had brought many bad thing that affect us, but this also bring many opportunity and benefits that our ancestors couldn't imagine in all these centuries of humanity.
          With this ability we as the people need to protect it. The way we can protect it, is keep it free for everyone. This freedom is what help us human evolve. many will say we have chooses and their is nothing to worry about, but in reality with issue like SOPA, Net-neutrality act removal ,companies ancestors government restriction, these option and chooses will soon vanish.
              we as the people need to speak out and tell the them that we want to keep this freedom. century ago reading was the source of all knowledge and today consider a human right to how to read. I point this out,because reading was and still the gate way to our growth. with reading we explorer our minds and belief without judgement.reading also give the opportunity to succeed in life with deeper understanding and knowledge. without reading we are lock away, waiting to be freedom. so as i point this out, the web is a other form of reading. ask yourself, would you prevent someone to learn or to read?So let's take care of the vitally important source of information and keep evolving as human being.


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